Polaris 280 TankTrax Parts Diagram

Check the parts blowup above for the most common replacement part for the Polaris 280 TankTrax Pool Cleaner.  The parts list below shows the most common part replacement along with any substitutions that could be used.


Diagram # Sku Image Title Price Quantity for Product # to Add to Cart Actions
1 K13
Polaris K13 Vac-Sweep All Purpose Zipper Pool Cleaner Replacement Bag for 280 $59.99 1
2 C40
Polaris C40 Screw, 10-32 x 3/8'' Stainless Steel Pan Head 10pack $2.99 20
4 A20
Polaris A20 Float, Head $7.99 1
4 25563-120-000
CMP 25563-120-000 Pool Cleaner White Generic Hose Float $8.49 1